topsoft 2006 with /ch/open Booth
Friday March 10th 2006, 11:40h
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Yesterday and today the topsoft 2006 software exhibition takes place in Bern. Having a booth of /ch/open association gives us a first impression on how the OpenExpo in fall 2006 in Zürich may look like. More information about this Open Source event will follow soon!

Matthias Günter and an interested visitor

Open Source Jahrbuch 2006 published
Tuesday March 07th 2006, 23:35h
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Since today the Open Source Jahrbuch 2006 can be downloaded completely as a large, 502 page PDF. Among many famous OSS writers and very interesting topics (e.g. Linux migration of Munich and Vienna) there is also a German article of my master thesis about Open Source Community Building, written together with Prof. Myrach of the University of Bern. Unfortunately the editors of the Jahrbuch deleted (without asking us!) table 2, the “Subject-Level Promotion Matrix” (and the only really innovative part of the research paper ;), which was quite disappointing. So here it is, the table (in German) containing short suggestions to Open Source project maintainers on how to increase and improve the community and the project’s code base.
Update: Now also the editors of the book published the table.

New office
Thursday March 02nd 2006, 16:54h
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After only two months we had to move our office. That’s our new home of us SMI assistants (still little bit messy ;)

Room G 13 at Kreuzplatz 5 in Zürich