Open Source Lobbying in the Parliament
Wednesday December 19th 2007, 15:45h
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After the Bernese political motion mostly got rejected by the cantonal parliament (see the protocol for the detailed discussion and the open voting), I try to get some attention for Free Software on national level. Today I went into the federal building thanks to the help of Walter Donzé, EVP. He introduced me to several parliamentaries from different parties. I handed them my ‘nightly built’ open source folder for politicians consisting of the following documents (all in German):

0. Cover sheet
1. Political argumentation for support of OSS
2. The Netherlands officially favors open standards and open source software
3. Slides of my presentation on eGovernment and open source software (PDF)
4. Official Swiss eGovernment Strategy (PDF)
5. FOSS study Switzerland 2006
6. OSS catalog 2008 (list of 300 OSS projects and 280 Swiss service providers)
7. Booklet of OpenExpo 2007 Zürich (with article about Solothurn’s migration on Linux
8. Flyer of OSS education event for teachers 2007
9. Presentation of /ch/open and its services
10. A CD of Ubuntu Swiss Remix Gutsy Gibbon

Luckily, I got to talk to the following politicians. Most of them reacted positively, either not yet knowing the term “open source software” or having already sympathized with it:

Ruedi Aeschbacher, EVP
Martin Bäumle, Grünliberale
Thomas Weibel, Grünliberale
Margret Kiener Nellen, SP
Alec von Graffenried, Grüne Freie Liste
Christian Wasserfallen, FDP

Not surprisingly, Pascale Bruderer, former employee of Microsoft, turned down the invitation for a conversation…

Politicians use a lot of laptops

Particularily politicians use a lot of laptops - all on Windows since the parlamentary services only supports Microsoft - at the moment ;)

Update 2008-01-07:The meeting with Walter Donzé resulted in a so-called Interpellation about the federal strategy of Switzerland on open source software. I just heard from the ISB that they’ve received the political foray and have to answer soon.

Update 2008-01-28: So much about networking among the Swiss Federal Administration and Microsoft… Thank God Bill leaves soon. Now I wonder if they invite Richard Stallman next year - and if yes, if he really shows up ;)

Update 2008-02-12: A journalist from the European Commission did a short interview last week and informed about the Interpellation on their IDABC website.

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