Tour de France
Saturday September 17th 2005, 20:59h
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Now vacation have started and we’re going traveling until 3th of October. The plan is to bike with friends Tom and Sandra from Bern to the mediteranean - let’s see if we get there, even though Anita is already pregnant in the 5th month! This guy already made it - a good inspiration for us.

Reportage about fair trade in Switzerland
Saturday September 17th 2005, 12:31h
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After dozens of hours listening to speeches, reading documentation of NGOs, researching on the net and typing into my laptop I finally finished my first article (”Was kann ich tun? - Fair Trade Shopping”, in German) for the StopArmut 2015 campain where I’m doing my civil service at the moment. It was a very interesting job to write a text about this growing trading mentality, especially reading that Max Havelaar wasn’t an pioneer in fair trade but a protagonist in a 19th century novel. And I also must admit the reportage affected myself: Now I really love fair trade products! This is my favorite one (especially after midnight), the bio Max Havelaar Chocato Dring from Coop.

First Debian meeting at the Diego Thomson, Peru
Thursday September 08th 2005, 10:18h
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I’m very happy to hear for last weeks Debian meeting at the Diego Thomson seminar in Lima, Peru (where I worked this year for about 4 months) came about 25 visitors to listen to Rudy Godoy and other speakers of the Linux community of Lima. It is a great opportunity for both groups: The school gets free education in Linux and other Open Source Software and teachers and computer administrators can ask the experts for help on current issues. On the other side the Peruvian Debian user group can hold presentations and meetings for free in the aula of the Diego Thomson. So I hope the collaboration continues and also spreads in other areas in the future like building a Peruvian Linux distribution for the education sector and other projects.

Munich move to FLOSS with little delay
Tuesday September 06th 2005, 9:02h
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As with many emotional issues people always have different sources of information. Last week somebody claimed to know the Munich move to Linux on desktop and other FLOSS wouldn’t take place. Fortunately I saw today on ZDNet the migration is just a little bit delayed - only a year, not much for such IT projects… Also other large cities in Europe like Vienna are taking this brave step, great! And talking about FLOSS good news (others I’ll never publish in this blog) Italian schools also start with Linux in the new semester.