Being cited
Friday October 28th 2005, 0:33h
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While doing the rather cumbersome job of rewriting my Open Source Community Building paper for the Open Source Jahrbuch 2006 translating it into German and summarizing to 4000 words I googled around a little bit. What a motivation finding Matt Asay’s comments about my writings - somebody actually read my stuff, thanks a lot!! Also it seems to be recommended by an OSS watch site and even a Corean website is citing something. I’m wondering what they wrote…

Swiss Open Business Lunch Presentation
Monday October 24th 2005, 11:11h
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On Wednesday, November 2, 2005 I’ll hold a 20 minute presentation about my research paper “Open Source Community Building” at the /ch/open Open Business Lunch in the restaurant Heugümper in Zürich. Registration is free, but you have to pay your own food ;)

IBM totally committed to Linux?
Friday October 21st 2005, 10:03h
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Last Wednesday I visited two contraversional presentations, both completely resp. partially sponsored by IBM. In the morning there was the Linux@IBM event in Zürich-Altstetten, the new headquarter of IBM Switzerland, where the total committment of IBM towards Linux was promised. In the afternoon I went to the new Stade de Suisse (ex Wankdorf) in Bern visiting the isolutions, SMARTIT, Microsoft and IBM event “Win as a Team” about new MS CRM software and SharePoint Portal Server. I’m wondering on what wedding IBM is planning to dance in the long run…

Sebastian Spät, Emanuel Indermühle, icy IBM penguin, Marcus and another ETHZ friend
One presentation during the Linux@IBM event
The other team where IBM is playing with

Conference About Christian Development Aid
Saturday October 15th 2005, 20:05h
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Today’s conference of the StopArmut 2015 campaign was quite a success! Vinoth Ramachandra, Sri Lankien leader of the IFES student movement, talked about christian principles concerning development aid together with his wife who showed various possibilities of personal action. Lunch was in my opinion the most impressive part of the day: the world banquet. Of the about 100 participants of the conference 4 pulled a white paper snippet out of a bucket, about 20 a yellow one (as did Anita, my wife), about 30 a red one and the remaining 50 persons received a blue paper (so did I). Next, the four white ones could enter the dining hall, sat on a well prepared table, received personal waiters, got their probably very tasty meal including wine etc. Little later, the yellow ones could sit down, got their good food with some appetizer, then after a while the red ones got a bowl with pure rice. For us blue people there wasn’t any space left on the tables so we had to sit down on the ground - even Swiss parlamentary member Heiner Studer! After watching the “rich” ones eating for a half an hour we finally received our meal - one large bucket full of thinned milk… So we protested and went to the neighbours stealing food leftovers; a chaos began. Only when the organisators started the Last Supper among the “poors” we eventually could eat enough - really a very impressive experiment!

Hanspeter Schmutz and Vinoth Ramachandra with his wife
Heiner Studer waiting as one of the poors for his meal

Open Source Meeting at the ETH Zurich
Wednesday October 12th 2005, 23:37h
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Today I shortly visited the informal Open Source meeting at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, initiated by Benno Luthiger of the ETH FOSS competence center. Great to drink something together with people who believe in the same IT future ;) Among others, also Marcus Dapp of The Alternative joined the meeting. I met him and Benno at the LOTS events 2004 and 2005 which unfortunately won’t continue next year. But hopefully I start the job in the team of Prof. Georg von Krogh - whose assistant Sebastian Späth also participated in today’s meeting - next January so there will be enough other Open Source work anyway. BTW the next such “Open Source Stammtisch” will take place on November 16th, 2005 again at the ETH in Zurich - and everybody is invited of course!

ETH people who love Open Source

It’s like christmas every day!
Saturday October 08th 2005, 0:15h
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Do you remember the feeling waiting the remaining few days until birthday or christmas eve? Everything is getting prepared, invitations are sent out, the christmas tree is beeing decorated. Similar feelings I’m having these days - although the presents that I’m waiting for are for everybody else, too: It’s Release Season!
Ubuntu: Next week on October 13th, the 5.10 release of Ubuntu, called Breezy Badger, is scheduled. And to all those who are afraid of the great popularity Ubuntu is enjoying the last few months, Mark Shuttleworth “sabdfl” space-cowboy wrote a FAQ essay about the explosive questions concerning this distribution.
GNOME: Fortunately, the release management of my favorite desktop environment (as the one of Ubuntu) is very transparent. Every six months, always short before the Ubuntu release, a new final candidate is published (so it’s like having christmas twice a year ;) . So the 2.12 came out last month, again with great, new usuability features. Also another, big FOSS project is finally getting into it’s last stages for the 2.0 release. Although initially announced in May (maybe by eager marketing guys of Sun??), the 2.0 final release is assumed to be available still this month.
Firefox: As I’d say the most successfull Open Source project at all time, get’s a next major version step soon. Beta 2 is since today available for download, the final release is hoped to be finished before the end of the year.
TYPO3: Because I recently also began to use this CMS for my own customers I read the information about the 4.0 release which is still planned for this year. The announced new features sound promising, especially a new default rich text editor is urgently needed.
GIMP: Known as the best bit map image editor, GIMP 2.4 final release is planned for this month. And for those how are used to Photoshop and too senile to learn new menu structures, a guy hacked the GIMPshop.
As one can see the Open Source movement never stops and goes on releasing new, great projects every day - one more reason to use Open Source Software: you’ll enjoy christmas and birthday all year long!

Save back home and working again
Thursday October 06th 2005, 3:15h
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After 2 weeks of biking 750 km we finally reached the mediteranean in St. Maries de la Mer last thursday and enjoyed the blue sky! Unfortunately, vacation is now already over and Anita and I are back again in Bern continuing working - more or less…

Fishs in the sky

km h km/h
Estavayer le Lac 74 04:40 15.86
Rolle 81 04:50 16.76
Chevrier 67 04:10 16.08
St. Genix 91 05:30 16.55
Nantoin 47 03:20 14.10
Vion 72 03:50 18.78
Coucourde 75 04:40 16.07
St. Martin de l’Ardeche 56 03:20 16.80
Chateau Neuf 58 03:10 18.32
Arles 82 04:40 17.57
St. Maries de la Mer 45 02:20 19.29
Total 748 44:30 16.81