Critique on DRS 3 Horoscopes
Saturday December 31st 2005, 17:11h
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Today I finally wrote an email to the national radio station DRS 3 concerning an issue that is worrying me for a long time already: horoscope broadcasting. Usually there is only twice a week Madame Etoile who takes a look into the stars. But this morning there were dozens of people calling and asking another so-called Medium about their job or relationship in 2006. I was really astonished how much people expect of this clairvoyance!

Ubuntu article in the NZZ
Thursday December 22nd 2005, 14:04h
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How popular does a Linux distribution need to be to get into the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ)? Well, Ubuntu seems to be it.
Update: While the NZZ article is a week old and was already mentioned on Symlink the issue #2 of the O3 Open Source Enterprise Data Networking Magazine (free for download as PDF) was released only 3 days ago ;)

My first and last Nokia
Thursday December 22nd 2005, 0:45h
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Yesterday I became a happy Nokia 6230i owner - but this lasted only for about 24h. After all night long googling on various Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Bluetooth, Mobile and other forums and mailing lists I sadly must agree with Patrick who already in February found out that this particular cellphone manufacturer doesn’t support the open IrMC standard. This form of Bluethooth transmission is used by the well supported MultiSync application which syncronizes your Evolution data with the cell phone. Too bad I didn’t consider buying a SonyEricsson because they usually support this IrMC standard - so if there is anybody to switch phones…
Update: Well, maybe in some months the OpenSync project might offer a solution of communicating with SyncML a little easier than others suggested it.

PhD Seminar in Maienfeld
Tuesday December 20th 2005, 10:54h
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Last week was the start into my next 3-year project: writing a dissertation at the ETH in Zürich. I’ll be joining the team of Prof. Georg von Krogh who’s currently still at the University of St. Gallen. It was also a 3-day doctorate seminar of this institution I could participate last week in Maienfeld. In this course about qualitative research we did a marathon of 20 paper discussions about research paradigms, case study research, grounded theory and lots of other methodological topics. Most interestingly, we got some insider information about how the process of publishing in high-ranked journals works - what an enormous effort to get a paper into ASQ or Management Science!

...and after

No more conscience testing in Switzerland
Wednesday December 14th 2005, 22:35h
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What a great day for young Swiss pacifists! There is a chance that in few years young men don’t need to explain no more why they don’t want to kill somebody and thus can’t join the army. Such writing an essay and hearing at a commission is todays requirement for not to be recruited for the Swiss army and instead doing (a 1.5 times as long) civil service. Fortunately, Heiner Studer’s lobbying for many years in the Swiss parlament finally ended in today’s historical votation: The “large chamber” of Swiss legilative power, the Nationalrat, wants to abolish this conscience testing!

Congratulations, Mr. Römer!
Tuesday December 13th 2005, 21:43h
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Some minutes ago I read on the WilhelmTux mailing list there is an article on Heise about the Swiss government choosing Suse for their servers since Novell won a public submission. Great, finally some actions of the ISB towards Linux in the federal administration!

Discussion about limitations of Open Source Software
Monday December 12th 2005, 18:10h
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Today I read a highly commented posting (>500!) on titled “OpenOffice Illustrates Open Source’s Limitations?” which links to the article “If this suite’s a success, why is it so buggy?”. I don’t only suggest reading this article but also the slashdot comments since for once there seems to be a (mostly) quite constructive discussion going on about the strengths and weaknesses of the Open Source development model. The issues go about in the direction of what I suggested to the research team I’m joining in January at the ETH Zurich.

Ubuntu on 5000 Macedonian PCs
Friday December 09th 2005, 14:17h
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I love Linux on desktop! (although due to my technical inability I still sometimes curse my computer…) Anyway, has always interesting news. Two days ago, for example, the GNOME and KDE desktop environment development communities made peace by agreeing upon the Portland project. Also, on the news site I found the message of Macedonian schools installing Ubuntu on 5000 PCs. Hey, that’s progressive! I hope the Bernese government resp. people will also vote for Open Source Software on school computers when they discuss about the 8.5 million Swiss francs IT project for schools in the years 2007 until 2010. Unfortunately, the long discussion we had in the Linux User Group Bern about 645 new PCs for schools in Thun didn’t end up very successfully besides a meeting a month ago.

Pingu Wedding
Thursday December 08th 2005, 20:40h
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This is the greates wedding card I ever received so far! It’s from Magaly Carpio and Geffrey Velásquez I met this year in Lima, Peru and who are having their wedding on December 29th. Both are very committed Linux activists and evangelists and seek for possibilities to diffuse Open Source Software more and more in Peruvian education system. At the moment, Magaly is writing her doctorate at the university and Geffrey, besides many other things, is working on his Open Source project PHP ClamAV lib. Well then, good luck for your future and happy honeymoon in the antarctic ;)

Real wedding of two Linux activists