Book “Producing Open Source Software”
Tuesday January 31st 2006, 11:42h
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Pointed out by Lenz Grimmer, Community Relations Manager of MySQL, I found this morning the freely available book “Producing Open Source Software” by Karl Fogel. Although it’s rather a narratively written novel about various topics (starting a new project, managing community etc.) there are some interesting, new statements, for example those about money and hiring people:

So money can’t purchase influence, but it can purchase things that lead to influence. The most obvious example is programmers. If good programmers are hired, and they stick around long enough to get experience with the software and credibility in the community, then they can influence the project by the same means as any other member.

Later, Fogel also points out “Money Can’t Buy You Love” and gives some examples on how to handle this potential tension when there are voluntary and paid developers working on the same project - really interesting areas of research!

Workshop at WEF
Sunday January 29th 2006, 23:56h
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Talking about various systems of open innovation, Georg von Krogh lead a workshop at this years World Economic Forum in Davos. Research about this topic will also be done by our institute of strategic management and innovation at the ETH Zürich.

Bernese Tax Software for Linux
Friday January 27th 2006, 10:54h
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That’s really good news: For the first time I’ll be able to fill out my tax-declaration-form (Steuererklärung) on Linux! As the software company DV Bern AG declares in yesterdays news item they offer free download of the Bernese TaxMe Java application. So this year I just can’t wait to fill out this administrative stuff ;)
Update: As Matthias Germann wrote, TaxMe looks indeed nice on GNOME (of my Ubuntu Breezy Badger) - thanks to the DV Bern Linux Team!!

TaxMe installed on my desktop

Planet SMI online
Thursday January 26th 2006, 14:57h
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Thanks to Sebastian’s effort installing our new server (a Dell PowerEdge 1800) and configuring PlanetPlanet, our young chair of Strategic Management and Innovation at the ETH has already its Planet SMI including all our blog entries about research topics.

Skolelinux lessons in Lima
Friday January 20th 2006, 11:27h
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Yesterday, Patrice Neff gave his first Linux training day at the Diego Thomson teacher seminary in Lima. Though the Peruvian summer is very hot now, Patrice, Juan Ochante (congratulations to your new blog ;) and the teachers went for a couple hours into the dark computer room and learned about Skolelinux and many other things.

Patrice talking to a computer teacher

Finally Subversion on Sourceforge
Friday January 20th 2006, 11:02h
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Finally Sourceforge introduced Subversion as a new service for revision control of their projects. It’s still in beta and for some particular projects only, but we hope that our own Open Source project, the PHP5 MVC framework Vida, will be ported soon so we can migrate our Subversion repository to this platform, too.

Smart guys from Herzogenbuchsee
Wednesday January 18th 2006, 14:34h
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I always believed these guys from Herzogenbuchsee like Emanuel Indermühle and others are smart guys. Now they’ve even figured out how to convince the SBB making a detour to their town during the ride from Bern to Thun… (Seen yesterday at the trainstation in Bern)

Detour to Herzogenbuchsee

LuniX Day at ETH Zürich
Tuesday January 17th 2006, 11:43h
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Just seen on the event calender of the ETH:
LuniX-Day on 27th of January 2006

Wir durchleuchten GNU/Linux und helfen Dir einen Nachmittag mit Workshops, Install Corner und Verpflegung. Wir zeigen Dir in knackigen Workshops, welche Programme es gibt, wie man Linux effektiv einsetzt und wir helfen Dir, wenn Du selbst Linux installieren möchtest. Anfänger und Umsteiger sind herzlich willkommen! Teilnehmen können Studierende in Zürch.

LuniX-Day poster

Revolution by Evolution
Monday January 16th 2006, 23:59h
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Todays success was the connection of my Evolution client to the MS Exchange server of the ETH (although the computer services already provide some information about this and other clients and offer very friendly support). For this, I also had to find out what OWA Url is: a Outlook Web Access url ;) Now, for the rest of our team we only need to wait until Evolution is also working on Mac OS X in a newer version - the 1.4 seems already running. And on Windows porting is also close, but I’m hoping they didn’t cancel it recently.

The end of my Nokia
Monday January 09th 2006, 23:51h
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So that’s the end of the Nokia 6230i story: my first ebay auction! (page is sometimes little bit slow…) As I got tired looking several nights for SyncML hacks to get my Linux contacts into the cell phone I finally decided to sell this thing and buy an older SonyEricsson like the k700i which indeed supports this IrMC standard. Well, if anybody is interested in my well preserved Nokia, please bid on the ebay auction - or help me to find a cheap k700i ;)