Virtual Path to ETHZ
Friday March 31st 2006, 17:55h
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Now I finally got the VPN to the ETHZ with my Ubuntu running. I basically followed the decriptions of Daniel Röthlisberger and the Department of Physics who both suggested to install the open source VPNC instead of the proprietary Cisco VPN client. So the HOWTO for my Ubuntu Badger Breezy looks as following:
1. apt-get install vpnc
2. Write a config file /etc/vpnc.conf:

Interface name ethz-vpn
IKE DH Group dh2
Perfect Forward Secrecy nopfs
IPSec gateway
IPSec ID [Link to get the ID -> needs your n.ethz login]
IPSec secret [Link to get the ID -> needs your n.ethz login]
Xauth username [your n.ethz username]

3. vpnc /etc/vpnc.conf

Paper about Open Source Document Management Systems
Thursday March 30th 2006, 12:38h
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I just finished reading a recently published paper by Optaros about Open Source Document Manangement Systems. It’s a nice introduction in the world of DMS, why they are needed by companies and what features they should include, and also makes a clearly structured evaluation of seven DMS. The two authors, Sebastian Wohlrapp and Seth Gottlieb, favor the Alfresco DMS as it seems like - no wonder, as Optaros is partnering with them…

Serving Science
Tuesday March 28th 2006, 14:19h
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This morning I didn’t do research myself but helped two psychologists to do their project about dementia research. They plugged me on such a thing called EEG and measured my brain activity while I was watching colored circles during one hour.

Me, my brain and its curves ;)

Votations in Bern
Monday March 27th 2006, 5:55h
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On April 9th, when presidential elections in many other places around the world take place, also parliamentary and executive votations in the Kanton Bern will be hold. Personally, I’m a candidate for the young evangelical public party (JEVP). To check whether or not your political opinions correspond to mine, do the smartvote test and compare your answers with mine or have a look at my smart spider.

Smart spider

My flyer

The Economist about Open Source
Thursday March 23rd 2006, 3:21h
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Just found an article in The Economist about open source business. Have to read it later…

Article about Bernese School IT Project in the Berner Zeitung
Tuesday March 21st 2006, 22:40h
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Yesterday, the Berner Zeitung BZ published the article “Stadtrat hat Chance vergeben” written by Mathias Born. He did a great researching job interviewing several people about the current situation in Bern so even website summarized the article. Theo Schmidt started already a discussion on the WilhelmTux mailing list and I hope to be able to help in organizing such a information event about Open Source software as promised in the text…
Update 1: There are now 57 mostly interesting comments about the Pro-Linux article - some of them made me quite sad to say that I live in this city…
Update 2: Now I got active and sent an email to the WilhelmTux mailing list asking for help organizing a Linux/Open Source marketing event on 6th of May at the University of Bern. Who joins the presentation? Every help welcome!

Congratulation, Agnes!
Sunday March 19th 2006, 13:38h
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Yesterday we had the pleasure to see the extremly excieting women final game of the Swiss Squash Championship between Agnes Müller, my sister-in-law and Gabi Schmohl. After a hard fight (1:9 1:9 9:4 9:7 9:7) Agnes won 3:2 and became already for the 7th time the national squash winner!

Anita, Lionel, Agnes and I

StopArmut 2015 Meeting in Bern
Friday March 17th 2006, 9:18h
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This Wednesday we had the first local StopArmut 2015 meeting in Bern. I was amazed that 8 active people came and talked 2 hours about what we in our current situation actually can do to reduce poverty in the world. To make a summary of the meeting I wrote a short report on what we discussed and decided. Most important: Come and invite all to the Forum i on April 29th in Aarau and participate in an interesting event about “Integral Mission”. The next meeting of our local StopArmut 2015 group will be held on the 10th of May 2006 again in the office of Vineyard Bern.

The group talking about actions for StopArmut 2015

Talk at Puzzle about Open Source Software Research
Wednesday March 15th 2006, 18:34h
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Today I had the honor to give a talk about Open Source Software research, things I did research in the past (community building and business opportunities of Open Source companies) and things we’re doing at the moment at ETH Zürich. I enjoyed the interaction of theory and practice in Open Source Software issues very much and hope to be able to continue in this area. BTW, I’m happy also Kurt Gramlich, leader of the Skolelinux project in Germany could use my research findings and talk about them on the LinuxTage in Chemnitz some days ago.

Almost-revolution in Bernese school IT
Saturday March 11th 2006, 9:21h
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Thanks to Theo Schmidt WilhelmTux published yesterday a highly interesting press release about the current ongoings in the Bernese school IT project. As reported earlier by the news papers the meeting in the parliament last Thursday ended with a very close result:

Der weiter gehenden Antrag der Fraktion GB/JA jedoch, voll auf freie Software zu setzen, bedeute letztlich nichts anderes als die Rückweisung der gesamten Vorlage, betonte die Schuldirektorin. […] Der Entscheid gegen die ausschliesslich freie Software-Lösung fiel mit 35 zu 27 Stimmen jedoch relativ knapp [aus].

So that’s politics - everyone counts! If only 5 persons of the parliament had voted differently (or if 9 pro-Linux politicians more had attended the votation…) apparently the entire school IT project would have needed to be realized with Free and Open Source Software only!
Update: In “Der Bund” was today a short reprint of the press release of WilhelmTux.