Saturday September 23rd 2006, 1:28h
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I just tested a smart marketing service of Canon called “you print”. You just send them a picture, they’ll print it with one of their bubble jet photo printers and send it back to you - all for free. So let’s see how is the quality of their red ink for the best-of-Lionel image! And if they actually send it in A3 size, I’m gonna buy this PIXMA iX5000 ;)

Next Generation CMS WYSIWYG Editing: Yulup
Wednesday September 20th 2006, 14:37h
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Happy that Michi Wechner finally arrived at OpenExpo, I got to know his newest project: Yulup, a new generation rich text editor. It’s an innovational approach to edit web pages in CMS since it’s based on XUL, a Moziall technology integrated in the Firefox allowing you besides much other things to edit pages offline, too.

Yulup (0.1.10-rc4) Features:

  • Editing of plain text, HTML, XHTML and XML with XSLT stylesheets applied documents in source and WYSIWYG mode.
  • Creating, Editing and deleting Atom entries.
  • Automatic detection of editable content.
  • Augmenting the editing process with the help of local templates (e.g. applying default XSLT stylesheets to certain content types).
  • XML well-formedness checking.
  • Support for the Neutron Protocol.
  • Support for the Atom Publishing Protocol (Draft 09) and the Atom 1.0 Format.
  • Editing is secure. Yulup supports Neutron-Auth and HTTP Basic and Digest authentication over regular and SSL connections.
  • Integrated into the web browser. There is no gap between surfing the web and editing its content.

Life from OpenExpo 2006
Wednesday September 20th 2006, 11:06h
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Today is OpenExpo in Zürich - a happy day for the Swiss open source community ;) Fortunately, there are also some visitors, so we’re not only chatting around across the project booths. Proving theory that people participate in open source communities also because of learning benefits, I gained some insight in how to configure WLAN in Linux if the klickibunti tool in Ubuntu isn’t installed yet (thank you Simon Hürlimann of logintas!):

sudo iwconfig eth1 essid NETWORKNAME //you might change eth1 to your WLAN interface
iwconfig //you need to see a MAC address after “Access Point:”, otherwise the network is not recognized
sudo iwconfig eth1 key PASSWORD [1] //this assigns your network’s password to number [1]
sudo iwconfig eth1 key [1] //choosing key number [1] for your network interface eth1
sudo dhclient eth1 //getting a IP address by DHCP, so you need to see something like “DHCPACK from YOURIPADDRESS”

2006-09-20 09:39:18 at the booth

In the Tower of Zürich Kloten
Friday September 15th 2006, 15:03h
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Yesterday I visited a fellow from high school who’s working for Skyguide at the tower in Zürich Kloten - nice view they got!

What Would Jesus Install?
Thursday September 14th 2006, 10:32h
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Today a friend of mine pointed out an article on, a Swiss web platform for christians, on the discussion of choosing the right operating system from a christian point of view. For me, especially Christian Ubuntu sounds interesting since its based on Ubuntu Linux and GNOME - I’ll install it for Anita and look how she’s reacting ;) An argumentation of why especially churches are supposed to use open source software has also been written. And funny enough, the bible quote Romans 12.2, cited by Linux evangelist Don Parris, is now written on the entry of the Linux computer room in Lima at the Diego Thomson that I installed a year ago:

“No te conformes a este siglo, antes bien busca renovar tu entendimiento para que puedes comprobar la voluntad de Dios.”

Update: Just discovered a Pro-Linux report on this subject, too.

Reuters Article on Ubuntu and Development Cooperation
Monday September 11th 2006, 12:44h
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The article doesn’t provide any breaking news on Ubuntu, but it shows that even traditional media as Reuters is now taking up the topic of Linux in developing countries.

Creating PDF Booklets With Linux
Thursday September 07th 2006, 12:24h
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After finally finishing the illustrations and layout of the annual report of AELL, the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Evangelisches Lehrerseminar Lima, I played around with some PDF/PS tools this morning. Getting from Sebastian’s post on how to create a booklet to his source, I finally reached a great PDF/PS hacks page of Pro-Linux. There, just recently Michael Roessler postet a short bash script to create a A5 booklet from an A4 PDF which I then used to finally create this nice booklet, covered by the following nice picture ;)

BTW, if you’re braver than I and intend to write your own PDF/PS conversion scripts I suggest using PSUtils, for PostScript file manipulations like rearranging pages, PDFjam, a tool to paste several pages on one page or to rotate a PDF, or pdftk, a great way on how to merge, split, extract etc. PDF files and pages. So the only thing missing is now a GUI integration of these tools and scripts into Evince

OpenExpo Talks Published
Wednesday September 06th 2006, 14:46h
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Today we published the list of presentations on open source, held at the OpenExpo in Zürich in two weeks. These are the speakers and their topics:

Wednesday, September 20, 2006
10h Uhr Klaus Behrla: LPI, die weltweite Zertifizierung für Linux Professionals
11h Martin Krafft: Zusammenarbeit in verteilten Projekten: Erfahrungen im Debian Projekt

Thursday, September 21, 2006
11h Gregor Bättig: Rapid Prototyping mit Ruby on Rails
14h Jacqueline Rahemipour: 2.0 - Einblick und Ausblick
15h Sacha Schlegel: ebXML, ein Framework für Business-to-Business Electronic Commerce