Colloquium “Open Source: Science meets practice”
Monday April 23rd 2007, 16:44h
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Next Friday, April 27th, 2007 the colloquium “Open Source: Science Meets Practice” takes place at ETH Zürich. It’s organized by Benno Luthiger who invited Eclipse developers coming from the JAX conference in Germany. I proposed two discussion panels, one about motivational crowding effects and the other one about firm involvement in OSS communities. Luckily, Katja Rost and Antoinette Weibel of the chair of Prof. Margrit Osterloh plan on joining the discussion since they’re conducting research in this area as well (working paper “Crowding-Out of Intrinsic Motivation - Opening the Black Box”). And since Kaspar Skårhøj, founder of the popular TYPO3 content management system, will be at the Developer Days in Zürich during this week, he agreed joining the panel as well - what an honour! For the second discussion panel on firm involvement, my diploma student Peter Amhof will participate in the panel and present results from his master thesis analyzing IBM vs. non-IBM contributions in Eclipse.

Update 2007-04-28: My presentation about motivational crowding effects.

Kasper Skårhøj during the podcast interview with Computerworld

During the discussion

Checking CSR Fairtrade Activities
Thursday April 12th 2007, 15:02h
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Last week some members of our local StopArmut 2015 group met for a CSR (corporate social responsibility) fairtrade check of Bernese stores. We went visiting a couple of businesses in the city, asked about their fairtrade products and handed out Fairteilen cards. Have a read of our experiences during the morning (in German). (more…)

Export all your XING/openBC contacts as vCard file
Monday April 09th 2007, 22:42h
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As others have noticed, the networking platform openBC/XING is not really as open as one would wish. Although you can export each single contact as vCard file, it is not possible to get them all as some sort of address list. Well, since I wasn’t in the mood clicking on all of my 183 contacts I wrote a little PHP hack which allows you to export all your openBC/XING contacts (if wished of a certain tag category) in a single vCard file. It’s really a simple script using the cURL library of PHP and some regular expressions parsing the pages and ripping the vCards of the own contacts. It also requires the exact current setup of the platform, so let me know if it doesn’t work anymore.

Update: Sorry, due to a phone call from XING I had to remove the link to the script. They said they’ll send me the API information so I don’t have to crawl through the pages. Well, let’s give them a chance ;)

Wednesday April 04th 2007, 8:03h
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Yesterday I met Alex, Ramon, Felix and Luigi of HGKZ and Marcus, Nicolas and Raphael of TheAlternative at Shaba for a non-free beer. It was an interesting evening exchanging information about open source activities at our educational institutions. Some ideas arose such as inviting Richard Stallman to Zurich, organizing a LunixDay at the upcoming OpenExpo and ordering a couple thousands Ubuntu CDs of the new Feisty Fawn edition. Let’s see how these late-night visions turn out!

In the green lights of Shaba...