Hackontest and many other /ch/open informatica08 projects
Tuesday November 20th 2007, 0:03h
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Today informatica08 will present its battle plan at the press conference to motivate young people to study computer science while the beginner numbers in Switzerland are steadily decreasing over the last couple years. In order to not forget the topic of openness within ICT, /ch/open started a Call for Open Concepts and received 10 great proposals on how to support open source software, open standards and open content in Switzerland. One of them, Hackontest, now saw the light of the day and actually received a nice website, again designed by Stefan Sicher: www.hackontest.org

Update 2007-11-20: inside-it.ch brings a great summary of today’s press conference. And below there is some bad photograph from me - yes, even Swiss television was there!

E-Government and Open Source
Tuesday November 13th 2007, 16:23h
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Last week I did a presentation at the eGovernment Symposium in Bern talking about opportunities and weaknesses of open source software within Swiss public administration. As I recorded the audio of the speech I tried a new tool called Slidecasting. With this you can now listen to the presentation by automatically following the slides:

The world is flat!
Friday November 02nd 2007, 18:23h
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I love this slogan of Lunatic, “…unsere Welt ist eine Scheibe”, although in English the point is little bit lost ;) Lunatic’s world indeed consists of discs - CDs and DVDs - and next week it’s 2000 copies more. With the financial support of /ch/open, the great technical skills of Debian developer Daniel Baumann, the creative design of Stefan Sicher and my last-minute acrobatics we produced this week the Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon Swiss Remix.

It’s a German/French adaptation of the current Ubuntu release in order to boot all the programs of the respective language from the disc. As Daniel encountered some problems with the language packages while removing the GIMP manual in order to save space (about 20MB), you have to reinstall the manual after hard disk installation if you want to learn all about this great graphical editor:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall gimp-help-de gimp-help-common #German
sudo apt-get install --reinstall gimp-help-fr gimp-help-common #French

The Swiss Remix is available as ISO image from Daniel’s server including the shell script (under GPL) for building the distribution. When the discs arrive next Friday we ship packages with at least 50 copies at a production price of CHF 2.00 per piece. So email me if you’re interested in a package. Otherwise come to the Ubuntu release party next Saturday at the Puzzle offices in Bern or become member of /ch/open and you’ll receive free copies of the first Swiss remix!

Update 2007-12-05: I’ve written a press release last week, Ursula published the new /ch/open website with the order form and inside-it printed a short note about the Swiss Remix.