FSFE Training on Free Software Licensing
Saturday March 22nd 2008, 0:32h
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Today I participated in a great opportunity by the local FSFE office in Zurich: Shane Coughlan offered an insightful workshop on Free Software licensing for free (as in beer). As we were only three participants, Irina of FSFE Sweden, Marcus Dapp of ETHZ and me, the program was tailored quite individually to our needs. I finally get now why copyleft is such an important but complex concept and what makes up GPL-compatible licenses. And I’ll remember Shane’s ironic conclusion

“Licenses have no spirit as lawyers have no souls.”

I wonder what Christian Laux says about this ;)

Credits for OpenExpo 2008 Bern
Saturday March 15th 2008, 20:38h
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Alan Cox speaking to a full room of people at OpenExpo 2008 Bern

A great week just passed: With over 1200 ticket orders we doubled the number of visitors at OpenExpo 2008 in Bern compared to half a year ago in Zurich. Also the speech of Alan Cox was a great highlight - Emanuel just uploaded the video casting:

Thus a GREAT THANK YOU to everybody who contributed to this event:
- Sponsors IBM, Liip, Puzzle, Optaros and leanux.ch
- All firm and project exhibitors
- All 51 speakers in the Business, Government and Technology Tracks
- Dozens of volunteers supporting the Linux newbies at the Install Zone

Especially I’m thankful for the great help of the following individuals (in alphabetical order):
- Marcus Dapp of ETH Zurich who lead the Jungle Tours through the project exhibition and stepped in for two missing speakers
- Mario Fux of University of Zurich who gathered informative feedback from participants
- Andreas Heer of tuxnews who wrote an expressive press release of the event
- Emanuel Indermühle of University of Bern who recorded, cut and uploaded the videos with OSS tools
- Peter Jäger of ETH Zurich who shot great photos, offered his professional video equipment for free and helped out in many other things
- Martin Michel from BEA expo who sponsored the infrastructure for the Install Zone
- Lorenz Schori of Openwireless who tried hard making the mesh wifi running (next time it’ll work ;)
- Stefan Sicher who designed the nice OpenExpo booklet and website
- Wolfgang Tietz of ISB who moderated the Government Track
- Markus Tschannen of Puzzle who did an extraordinary job managing the hugely successful Linux Install Zone
- Patrik Tschudin of DRS 2 who lead the panel discussion
- Tonio Zemp of University of Bern who managed the presentations

And last but not least the core group:
- Cyrill Schmid of topsoft who sponsors OpenExpo since two years with his pocket money
- Matthias Günter of IGE who organized the project exhibition, organized hotels for speakers in an overbooked city and did thousands of other things
- Hannes Gassert of Liip who coordinated the firm exhibition, helped for the social event, organized the Wifi team and is now relaxing in Paris (lucky guy ;)