My most academic day
Wednesday December 03rd 2008, 21:30h
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As my political career still has to wait a little bit, I decided today to concentrate on my academic profession. By reading all day and preparing for this week’s doctoral seminar I thought a little physical motion would probably support the intellectual activity. Thus I took my new first class Generalabonnement for doctoral students and travelled 540km from Bern (9.02h) to Zürich (10.09h) to Locarno (14.12h) to Domodossola (16.10h) to Bern (17.54h) - a very recommendable round trip especially because it’s possible to spend most of the time in panorama waggons. That’s why I even survived reading Georg’s toughest paper “An Essay on Corporate Epistemology” ;)

Google Map of the 540km trip
Google Map of the 540km trip

Frozen valley outside the warm panorama waggon
Frozen valley outside the warm panorama waggon

Palm trees in Ticino
Palm trees in Ticino

Reading Marotto, Roos and Victor (2007) 'Collective Virtuosity in Organizations: A Study of Peak Performance in an Orchestra'
Reading Marotto, Roos and Victor (2007) ‘Collective Virtuosity in Organizations: A Study of Peak Performance in an Orchestra’

Winter in Creggio
Winter in Creggio

Not going to be politician (yet)
Monday December 01st 2008, 0:31h
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Today there were elections in Bern. The nice Green-Liberals Bern were enormously successful winning 4 seats starting from 0. Unfortunately my party, EVP Stadt Bern, was not able to gain a third seat in the Bernese parliament as we wished. Instead we were lucky to retain our two current seats since we lost substantially compared to four years ago. Nevertheless it wasn’t enough for me to get into the parliament. There are about 400 votes between being and not being a politician ;)

Still, as there is a maximum term of being a city parliamentarian, I might get the chance to take over the seat of a colleague in about three years. Till then I’m enjoying shopping and much other nice things on Thursday evenings when the politicians are having their 5h-meetings!

The complete results maybe downloaded from the official Bernese city website. Here are the results of the members of our party:

1. Streit-Stettler Barbara 2′401
2. Trachsel Martin 2′350

not elected:
1. Stürmer Matthias 1′968
2. Gafner-Oesch Marianne 1′920
3. Amsler Monika 1′868
4. Habte Yosef 1′853
5. Ritz Adrian 1′763
6. Tannheimer Gallus 1′735
7. Bühlmann Deborah 1′720
8. Wälchli Nadia 1′719
9. Pereira Martins-Bühler Hanna 1′713
10. Ninck Werner Karl 1′713
11. Spiess Ernst 1′711
12. Müller Philipp 1′709
13. Dolder Sarah 1′706
14. Lanz Hans 1′701
15. Heckendorn Silvia 1′699
16. Klemke Linda Elena 1′699
17. Meier-Scheidegger Urs 1′698
18. Klossner-Rentsch Esther 1′697
19. Zwygart Tabea 1′696
20. Christen Bernhard 1′693
21. Bolleter Thomas 1′691
22. Fahrni Katharina 1′683
23. Dillier-von Grünigen Meieli 1′682
24. Erne Christof 1′675
25. Rytz Jörg 1′672
26. Baldinger Anna Elisabeth 1′666
27. Jordi Gabriel Nathanaël 1′666
28. Moser Mark 1′664
29. Lavanchy Joël 1′661
30. Scherrer-Schild Barbara 1′659
31. Rothweiler Anita 1′647
32. Temperli-Donnabauer Rahel 1′644
33. Berger-Frieden Christoph 1′639
34. Bühlmann Martin Willy 1′636
35. Schnyder Kathrin 1′631
36. Ruppen Helen 1′630
37. Kunkler Urs 1′629
38. von Wartburg Brigitte 1′601