Change EXIF Date of Photographs
Wednesday January 28th 2009, 12:37h
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Have you ever forgotten to adjust the clock in your camera resulting in wrongly dated photographs? Here’s what I did to correct the time applying the hints of Al Fish by using exiv2:

exiv2 -a 1:02:03 -D 4 -O 5 -Y 6 ad *.jpg

This adds 1 hour, 2 minutes, 3 seconds, 4 days, 5 months and 6 years to the EXIF date of all JPGs in a folder.

How do governments decide on new IT solutions? An impression of the ICT Networking Party 2009
Saturday January 24th 2009, 21:50h
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How do governments decide what software they are using in their administrations? The official version is they create IT strategies and follow them in every purchase of a new solution. Some governments such as the new Obama administration make brave statements about openness and freedom of information, others such as the Dutch administration has already an open source software and open standards promotion office (their director Ineke Schop will talk at the upcoming OpenExpo). The Germans e.g. publish a migration guideline towards Linux and open source technologies since 2003 and update it regularly.

Over 1000 participants at the ICT Networking Party 2009
Image from Computerworld Switzerland

However, some governments like the Swiss administration representatives seem to prepare purchasing decisions mainly at a very certain annual event, the ICT Networking Party. I had the chance to visit this glamorous event this week. It was great meeting all these important people from industry (e.g. CEO of SBB), politics (around 20 national parliamentarians) and public administration (SIK, ISB etc). And they certainly also enjoyed their invitations to the nice dinner tables of the ICT’s big players (no specific naming required) while staying of course completely objective in their next buying decision not favoring their host’s solutions at all…

Well, let’s participate in this game as well and get such a networking table for /ch/open next year - that’s what the open source movement needs the most these days; lobbying, lobbying, lobbying!

Uncovering the Maemo and Openmoko communities
Thursday January 15th 2009, 0:48h
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Last November my core PhD thesis project took place: We sent out a large-scaled survey into the open source communities of Maemo and Openmoko.



After doing almost 30 interviews and writing a qualitative paper on the Private-Collective Model of Innovation I really wanted to do some hard stats ;) Today we finally published the raw results of the 1233 respondents revealing quite interesting insights into these heterogenous communities.

Already by looking at the descriptive statistics we see some significant differences between these two communities: E.g. people seem more happy with Openmoko Inc.’s information policy than with Nokia’s secretness. Answering [Nokia resp. Openmoko Inc. is secretive about future plans of Maemo resp. Openmoko.] 46.2% of the Maemo community responded “strongly agree” or “agree” vs. 26.6% in the Openmoko community. Might this be a cause why the average number of hours contributed per week is lower in the Maemo (4.5h) vs. the Openmoko (5.1h) community?

Really insightful results will show us our Structural Equation Modeling on which Sebastian is working heavily these days using R. Let’s hope we finish the paper before the end of my dissertation mid 2009…

Update 2009-01-16: Great, our research seems to be notified and actually read by some of the community members ;)

Researching in the Alps
Saturday January 10th 2009, 20:21h
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The last two days we - our SMI team together with the Chair of Prof. Pius Baschera - spent in the hotel Morteratsch almost 2000m above sea-level close to Pontresina. We discussed intensively our PhD projects (doctoral students), research experiences (post-docs) and practical insights (Prof. Baschera as chairman of Hilti and member of the board of Roche, Schindler, Vorwerk and Ardex) and learned a lot from each other. Particularly I got to understand the concept of Business Model Innovation and the idea of phenomenon-based research agendas.

Martin's up-and-down PhD journey


Luckily the weather was great so we could also do a little walk almost up to the Morteratsch glacier which demonstrates clearly the climate change issue.

Peter, Zeynep and myself

Walking and talking

Mountain above 3000m

Kai wishes happy new year to everyone!
Thursday January 01st 2009, 10:43h
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