Open Source Image Campaign Initiated
Friday February 27th 2009, 15:16h
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Today is a great day: the 2500 issues of our new open source image brochure were delivered - 300kg of dead trees…! The freshly designed 16p whitepaper with 13 statements of Swiss ICT celebrities can be downloaded for free or ordered for CHF 10.00 per copy from the /ch/open website. Now let’s assail policy makers with our open source software marketing campaign!

How nice this looks...

Birthday Airboarding
Tuesday February 24th 2009, 15:20h
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The airboarding expedition to Tschentenalp last Saturday was really fun ;)

Download Google Books as PDF
Friday February 06th 2009, 14:12h
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Have you ever found an interesting book on Google Books and missed the “Download as PDF” button?? Google Book Downloader is a new little open source program which does exactly this (only for educational purposes of course ;) So now I finally can read the book chapter of Tim O’Reilly “The Open Source Paradigm Shift” also offline as PDF (sidenote: I don’t think that Tim O’Reilly thought how far the paradigm shift would go and that today - thanks to open source software - one can download this book for free whereby challenging his business model at the core…).

Google Books Downloader runs almost on my Ubuntu

Drawbacks: Google Book Downloader needs Windows, you have to install some ugly .NET framework in order to run it and on my Windows VirtualBox installation on Ubuntu it always crashes before being able to download the pages. Therefore, a Linux version of the application or debugging of this issue would be much appreciated.

Maemo Paper Presented in 1min
Tuesday February 03rd 2009, 20:12h
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Usually I’m not really camera-shy, but in the case of our SMI video abstracts Stefan had to push me almost three years until I finally did my first recording this afternoon. So here it is, the short 1min teaser for our new paper “Extending Private-Collective Innovation: A case study” soon to be published in R&D Management!

Authors: Matthias Stuermer, Sebastian Spaeth, and Georg von Krogh (all ETH Zurich)

Abstract: The private-collective innovation model proposes incentives for individuals and firms to privately invest resources to create public goods innovations. Such innovations are characterized by non-rivalry and non-exclusivity in consumption. Examples include open source software, user-generated media products, drug formulas, and sport equipment designs. There is still limited empirical research on private-collective innovation. We present a case study to 1) provide empirical evidence of a case of private-collective innovation, showing specific benefits, and 2) to extend the private-collective innovation model by analyzing the hidden costs for the company involved. We examine the development of the Nokia Internet Tablet, that builds on both proprietary and open source software development, and that involves both Nokia developers and volunteers who are not employed by the company. Seven benefits for Nokia are identified, as are five hidden costs: difficulty to differentiate, guarding business secrets, reducing community entry barriers, giving up control, and organizational inertia. We examine actions taken by the management to mitigate these costs throughout the development period.

Let’s Party for the Party!
Monday February 02nd 2009, 23:12h
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I have to admit: My favorite party is very old - already 90 years of Swiss politics must seem very dusty. However, looking at a new political science statistics website, the EVP is almost the oldest of the small middle parties and the most steady growing one since decades.

For me, the political career has just begun. I wrote my first political statement just last month - about family issues in the city of Bern and the new Familienbericht der Stadt Bern. Let’s see how the story goes on ;)

EVP info Januar 2009 Stadt Bern - Matthias Stürmer - Als junge Familie in der Stadt Bern