2-week offline family vacation - bye ;)
Saturday June 20th 2009, 3:32h
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We don’t have an open source car but a convenient VW from my grandfather. Now let’s go to Follonica, Italy until July 4th, bye!

Update 2009-07-01: Some pictures from Golfo del Sole:

Fantastically lightweight backup: Dropbox saves my PhD thesis
Friday June 05th 2009, 21:51h
Filed under: ETH Zürich

Sorry my Wuala colleagues, I suddenly fell in love with Dropbox (despite it’s not open source ;). The concept is similar to the Swiss online storage (although only Wuala does secure file sharing, I know Dominik), but in my view Dropbox is much better integrated into the desktop which is what I missed in Wuala (I use the Linux version, but it’s also available for Mac and Windows).

The one thing I particularly like is Dropbox’ ability to save certain files and directories somewhere in my document hierarchy. I just create a link of the local file or folder and then move it into my Dropbox folder. Therefore, whenever I locally save my PhD thesis, a second later it gets automatically uploaded and versioned - really the most lightweight backup I’ve ever experienced!

Download Dropbox