Politics 2.0 speech at Netzzunft
Thursday July 30th 2009, 20:15h
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Yesterday I had to honour to talk to the illustrious Netzzunft group about my political lobbying activities related to our parlamentarian group of Digital Sustainability. Herer are the slides of the current status of our movement:

Again Vacation, now the Northern Part
Thursday July 16th 2009, 23:19h
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Tomorrow we’ll start another short vacation. This time with the bike around Bodensee. Or to be precise: Anita takes the bike with luggage in the Bob Yak, I push the kids in the Chariot while jogging in order to prepare for the 35km-Brienzerseelauf in October, uff…

This is our planned route:

17.7.2009: Bern 11:04h -> Ludwigshafen 14:28h -> Überlingen 12km
Pension Klosterhof, Christophstrasse 17, 88662 Überlingen

18.7.2009: Überlingen -> Meersburg 16km (Peter is visiting us, yea!)
Haus Boppenmaier, Hechtweg 2, 88709 Meersburg

20.7.2009: Meersburg -> Friedrichshafen 21km
Hotel Hacienda, Am Seewald 36, 88046 Friedrichshafen

21.7.2009: Friedrichshafen -> Kressbronn 12km
Hotel Dorfkrug, Tunau 4, 88079 Kressbronn

22.7.2009: Kressbronn -> Lindau 10km
Jugendherberge Lindau, Herbergsweg 11, 88131 Lindau

24.7.2009: Lindau -> Rorschach 32km
Jugendherberge Rorschach, Churerstrasse 4, 9400 Rorschach

28.7.2009: Rorschach -> Romanshorn 15km -> Zug nach Bern

Now let’s hope weather is not like they predict to be…

Update 2009-07-28: The weather men was completely wrong, we had fantastic sunshine (most of the time)! One of the biggest highlights were Lionel’s two jumps into Bodensee from the 3m diving board!!! (frankly, I’ve never been as proud on my 3 year old son)

First PhD thesis presentation at LIIP
Thursday July 16th 2009, 15:21h
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nice office at LIIP

Today I had the opportunity to present my PhD thesis for the first time. LIIP office in Zürich was the victim - I hope the practicioners were not too much bored by my academic work…