USUSv2 - Linux for the People
Sunday October 25th 2009, 20:32h
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Amadeus Wittwer had the great idea to make a short documentation about regular computer users being put in front of a Linux machine - without being told that it’s Linux (it’s the Ubuntu Netbook Remix). Have a look at the great experiment:

The official press release starts like this:

Die Alternative zu Windows 7: Schweizer Doku-Clip über Linux
Alle Welt spricht von Windows 7. Wer weiss jedoch, wie ein aktueller Linux Desktop aussieht? Ein Filmteam aus der Schweizer Open Source Szene ging dieser Frage nach. Das Resultat zeigt, dass Linux durchaus eine Alternative zu proprietären Betriebssystemen darstellt.

Read the full press release on USUSv2.

Talking about Digitale Nachhaltigkeit
Monday October 12th 2009, 19:34h
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Since spring, when we founded the Parlamentarische Gruppe Digitale Nachhaltigkeit (group of parliamentarians on digital sustainability), interest in this topic is rising. This and next month only I’m doing four speeches on these issues starting tomorrow in Vienna:

“Digitale Nachhaltigkeit: Zusammenhang zwischen Open Source Software, Offenen Standards und freiem Wissen” October 13th, 2009 at Fachtagung „InterOperabilität - vom Stand der Technik zu Zukunftsstrategien auf europäischer Ebene“ in Vienna, Austria

“Open Source 2010: Vision eines Lobbyisten” October 28th, 2009 at Puzzle Tech Talk, Bern, Switzerland

“Digitale Nachhaltigkeit: Auswirkungen für Business und Gesellschaft” November 12th, 2009 at World Usability Day, Technopark, Zürich, Switzerland

“Nachhaltige, innovative eGovernment-Lösungen basierend auf dem Open Source Community-Prinzip” November 17th, 2009 in Fachsession of eGovernment-Symposium 2009, Bern, Switzerland

Although I’ll focus a little bit for each presentation and adapt the slides, the key message stays the same as is has done in my previous speeches on this topic:

OpenExpo 2009 Winterthur

“Digitale Nachhaltigkeit in der Schweiz – ein Bericht zur Lage der Nation” September 23th, 2009 at OpenExpo, Switzerland (YouTube and PDF slides)

Participant of panel discussion “Proprietäre Software versus Opensource – Erfahrungen im Dokumenten Management” September 18th, 2009 at eGov Fokus “Dokumenten-Management und Langzeitarchivierung”, Kompetenzzentrum Public Management und E-Government, Berner Fachhochschule Wirtschaft und Verwaltung, Switzerland

“Netzzunft-Treffen: Politik 2.0 Teil 1 – Digitale Nachhaltigkeit” July 29th, 2009 at ETH Zürich, Switzerland (PDF slides)

Thinking about the passed and the planned presentations I realize that we’re indeed in the middle of the process of defining the term “Digitale Nachhaltigkeit” or digital sustainability. Just tonight I spoke with my ETH-PhD colleague Marcus Dapp (his blog) about his definition of “Digitale Nachhaltigkeit” - he doesn’t have one either despite teaching his lecture “Digitale Nachhaltigkeit in der Wissensgesellschaft” (lecture slides) for the fourth time - he promised me to change this soon ;)

Almost at the end of my educational career
Wednesday October 07th 2009, 22:58h
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A week ago I finished my doctoral dissertation project by successfully defending my thesis against tricky questions by my supervisor Prof. Georg von Krogh and co-referee Prof. Sonali Shah - who came directly from Seattle just for this examination! So thanks to everyone who shared the thrill with me - especially Martin Krafft who asked a nasty question on methodology in the end! Well, I forgive you knowing that your defense is still coming up ;) - Here’re BTW the defense slides:

Thus my long educational career is almost at its end. I just need to clean up the thesis now, print it and hand it in, then I may finally be called doctor ;) However, it’s not yet the end of academia. At the moment I’m teaching Strategic Management with Georg and also write a revision of our lightweight reuse paper. And if things turn out well I might even start a new research project on open source communities - let’s see what the future brings!