Presenting Nokia’s open source involvement and much more
Friday June 25th 2010, 12:08h
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Today I gave a talk at TransferSummit 2010 in Oxford on the Nokia Internet Tablet development (breaking news: “Nokia N-series devices to drop Symbian in favour of MeeGo”), Private-Collective Model of Innovation, benefits and cost of open source community building, the open source adoption matrix and ‘open-washing’ questions to firms.

The audience liked my speech but especially loved the Prezi-way of presenting it. That’s the backdraw with such innovative presentation technologies: The form becomes more important than the content ;)

Evangelism 2.0 at Netzzunft at Open Broadcast
Saturday June 19th 2010, 20:57h
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Tonight I had a very special speech at Netzzunft guest at the Open Broadcast studios in Basel, a new user-generated radio station. Evangelism 2.0 was the topic where Sascha Corti, Technology Evangelist at Microsoft, Peter Schulz, CTO at Joiz, and I had to talk about our individual perspective of evangelism in the technology sector.

In my presentation I described the similarities and differences between open source software and Christianity. Obviously the relation between these two issues provoked an interesting discussion among the participants ;) My conclusion was that while religion is a matter of faith and trust choosing open source licensed software has nothing to do with faith but is a rational decision for beneficial license terms as described in the recent Netzwoche article “Open Source ist keine Glaubensfrage”.

Here is the animated Prezi mind map: