Becoming a parliamentarian myself
Friday August 26th 2011, 8:55h
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Three years ago I ran for the Bernese Parliament and was voted as “first replacement”. This fall Barbara Streit will step down a year prior to the city elections, therefore giving me the opportunity to join the Bernese Parliament for the EVP Stadt Bern. Although this will mean quite a lot of work, I’m very happy to become a parliamentarian myself for the first time.

Having worked a lot with local and national politicians in recent years I think I know what it means to do parliamentarian work. However, having now the flexibility to post policy suggestions and to do talks to the government and public administration myself increases my motivation a lot. Therefore I’m looking forward to this excieting new phase of my live.

Interview im EVP Info Stadt Bern
Interview in the EVP Info Stadt Bern

Update 2011-09-23: Today’s newspaper Der Bund brought a small sidenote on the change in the Bernese parliament.

Rücktritt Barbara Streit

Open source software in business-critical environments
Monday August 15th 2011, 22:29h
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The work of more than half a year is finally seeing daylight: Our new Ernst & Young brochure Open source software in business-critical environments is online as free PDF in German as well as in English.

The broad feedback, especially from the usually highly critical German blog community, is very positive. Also the breakfast events in Bern and Zürich end of June where we presented the paper for the first time were a success: More than 70 participants from banks and insurance companies joined the sessions.

Our parliamentarian group for digital sustainability sent out a press release. And fere is the video recording of my speech in Vienna about the brochure:

More speeches about open source benefits and risks coming up this and next month at ISACA Switzerland and the Wirtschaftskammer Baselland: