Silent Mega Trend 2012: Digital Sustainability
Friday January 06th 2012, 2:23h
Filed under: Digital Sustainability, FLOSS

Today I read a (German) article on mega trends 2012. While I agree with most of the expert’s hype assumptions I missed a statement about the recent developments in the area of open source as well as digital sustainability in general. (At least Ulrike Langer briefly points out the worldwide open data movement.)

I believe there is a “silent mega trend” towards digital sustainability. Current initiatives around open data, open source, open standards, open content, open access etc. show the growing community beyond the commercialized digital world. Its main focus is not how companies can build the most lucrative business models with new technologies but how our society can benefit the most of ICT.

Here are some random evidences (which I’m involved in) that show the growing interest on topics around digital sustainability: