Skolelinux lessons in Lima
Friday January 20th 2006, 11:27h
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Yesterday, Patrice Neff gave his first Linux training day at the Diego Thomson teacher seminary in Lima. Though the Peruvian summer is very hot now, Patrice, Juan Ochante (congratulations to your new blog ;) and the teachers went for a couple hours into the dark computer room and learned about Skolelinux and many other things.

Patrice talking to a computer teacher

Patrice Neff continuing work in Peru
Tuesday November 01st 2005, 0:38h
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I’m happy to hear that Patrice Neff arrived well in Lima after learning Spanish for one month in Arequipa, Peru. He’s starting this week the second stage of Open Source Software introduction in the Diego Thomson teacher’s seminary where I worked this year for already three months. First Patrice will improve the Linux server of the school which handles all students accounts including a home directory mount for everyone. Later on he’s going to work on the sillabus of the computer science education preparing the Linux course material among other activities. I’m excieted to read on Patrice’s blog how his work advances. Last week I was happy to hear from the Leopold Bachmann Stiftung in Switzerland that they’ll support the project again with USD 5000!

First Debian meeting at the Diego Thomson, Peru
Thursday September 08th 2005, 10:18h
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I’m very happy to hear for last weeks Debian meeting at the Diego Thomson seminar in Lima, Peru (where I worked this year for about 4 months) came about 25 visitors to listen to Rudy Godoy and other speakers of the Linux community of Lima. It is a great opportunity for both groups: The school gets free education in Linux and other Open Source Software and teachers and computer administrators can ask the experts for help on current issues. On the other side the Peruvian Debian user group can hold presentations and meetings for free in the aula of the Diego Thomson. So I hope the collaboration continues and also spreads in other areas in the future like building a Peruvian Linux distribution for the education sector and other projects.

Installing LinEx in Lima
Wednesday April 06th 2005, 20:28h
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Since 3 weeks now I’m working in Lima on a Linux installation project in the college called Diego Thomson. Today we’re going to buy the 20 Celeron machines we’re setting up in the new computer room. Hope the transport will be less bumpy than last time we drove into Lima center. Our taxi driver’s driving mirror got smashed by another cab so our guy decided to take revenge. He accelerated, passed the bad guy and hit his car in the front so hard his headlights went out. Wow, I thought, that’s like in the movies…